Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facelift for our house

After living years in our home, it was time to to freshen up just a little. You know, paint, wallpaper, and a few pieces of furniture. We started with a new couch and of course, a few new pillows. We then got busy removing the old wallpaper in the kitchen and eating area. We decided to only hang the new paper in the eating area. It took all day, but Kynn got the new paper up and it looks really nice.

The wallpaper project started early in the morning.

It's beginning to get a little dark outside.

And finally, the strip between the windows.

Done! A long day. Thank you Kynn. Another project completed. YES!

{Pictures of our new look in the dining room to come!}

Friday, April 15, 2011

What are we up to these days?

It has been such a long time since I have posted on our blog. We have been busy and tired! :) I'll just list a few things we have been doing.

1. We are giving our den, kitchen, dining room and foyer a face lift.

2. Painted our dining room.

3. Bought a new couch.

4. Kynn hung new wallpaper in the kitchen.

5. We took momma to the airport for a her trip to Mich. to see her brother.

6. We went to the USC baseball game against Kentucky.

7. Out to eat a lot. 8. Layla's first birthday party.

9. Cut the grass, several times.

10. Cleaned out the gutters. (Today in preparation for the storm that is coming our way)

11. Visited Beulah Baptist Church.

12. Gone to work..

13. Went to North Greenville University with Jamie. (He is transferring next year)

14. Celebrated with Spencer over his new job.

15. Knitted

16. Kynn has been to the movies with the Jamie.

17. Visited with Christopher over spring break.

18. Prayed Jamie to Florida and back. :)

19. Took clothes to the consignment store.

20. Baked sugar cookies

21. Made a yummy weight watcher lemon pie

22. Watching birds in our nest outside the kitchen window. No wonder I feel tired. I do have some pictures to post. Hopefully I can do that soon. What have you been doing?