Monday, March 25, 2013

Wind and Words

        Today is a very windy day in Columbia, SC. It is rather cold too. As I have watched leaves blow across my yard, it has reminded me  about a CD I recently listened to on the subject of The Excellant Wife. The speaker spoke on many different things regarding The Excellant Wife, however one point especially caught my attention. The point was in  regards to words. It was not on the words that we say, but on the words that are said to us from others.
         There are times when a friend, family member, or even a stranger can say something  that hurts my feelings, or puts me on the defensive. There are times when I don't say anything back to them, but a conversation begins in my head. It's a conversation that can go on and on, and I have throughly expressed MY feelings, and thoughts right back to them. For goodness sakes, this conversation can go on for days  sometimes. I am thankful that as I have become older, this has become less of an issue because of the help that the Lord has given me. I am also thankful that one of the benefits of being a "little" older, :), is that I have lived long enough to sort through some of those conversations. The teaching on the CD has given me even one more way to look at words that offend me. 
          There are some words that are said to us that need to blow right past us. We are to be mature enough to discern which words need to "just" blow away with the wind. I like that. Perhaps, today something was said to you and it is time to just let them go and blow away with the wind. Pray and ask God to help you discern what to let blow on by. He is faithful and he cares about our mental and emotional health. Perhaps the wind is the medicine we need today.