Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear Aunt Cynthia,
You really caught me off guard today. As you know, my dad recently had surgery and can not lift anything over five pounds for six weeks. My mom can not bend over because she has a really bad back. All my brothers have gone somewhere. I get confused when they come home for a while and then disappear once again. So, I knew that baths would be few and far between. (Since mom and dad can't lift me. You know, I AM over five pounds.)
I got so excited today when you came over. I love seeing you. However, today you picked me up and put me down in the sink in the laundry room. WHAT? Did you and my mom plan this? How could you? I was so mad at you! Could you tell?
Tonight I realized that I was totally rude to you this afternoon. I know that refusing to look at you after you placed me in the sink was not kind. I got even madder when you and mom laughed at me. I just get embarrassed when I get wet. I can't help myself.
I would like to say I am sorry and that I do love you. Will you please forgive me? I love you.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Worth the read!

My sister, Cynthia, shared this with me. I think you will like it too. Be encouraged.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Ps. 27:14

What a valuable asset we have to wait upon. The Lord God Almighty is worth waiting for. It is worth waiting for His joy, because it comes to uplift us when we are sad in heart. His joy brings a smile to our face. It is worth waiting for His peace that calms our soul when we are worried in mind. His peace allows us to sleep at night. It is worth waiting for His wisdom that provides discernment in our conflicting options. His wisdom sets our feet on the right path. It is worth waiting for His strength that propels us through our adversity. His strength gives us confidence and perseverance for life's journey. It is worth waiting for His hope that uplifts us from our despair and depression. His hope keeps the focus on our eternal reward in heaven. He is worth the wait.

Taken from Infusion by Boyd Bailey

Have a great day.