Monday, May 30, 2011


These are the best looking cowboys I have ever seen!!! (Christopher's new friends and co-workers)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Christopher's pictures

A few of Christopher's pictures!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I want to make a difference!

I hope you will hop on over to my friend's blog and read her current post. It touched my heart and I hope you will receive some encouragement too.

Prayer and a yellow ribbon

My mom is very good friends with a group of ladies from First Baptist Church, in Darlington, SC. These ladies get together on a regular basis to pray for and with each other. I love that they do this because I know they have prayed for me and my family.

Momma's friend Tina, has a son who is currently serving all of us overseas in the Military. These ladies pray together for him and they have all placed a yellow ribbon at their home as a reminder of this young man. Months ago when mom moved to her new apartment at the Bethea Baptist Home, she took her ribbon and placed it on her front porch. Immediately she began being questioned by other residents on the meaning of the ribbon. Her next door neighbor said she had a relative serving and she needed a ribbon too. Several other ladies she has met in her new community also wanted to know the meaning behind the ribbon. Before momma knew it, someone had approached the administration of the Bethea Home and asked if a list of all friends and relatives could be placed on the bulletin board so all the service men and women could be prayed for by name.

One never knows the influence that you may have on others. Momma's yellow ribbon has caused many believers to come together to pray for our military. I think that is so cool. It would be great if you would take a minute to pray for them too. :)

Momma's yellow ribbon

The neighbor's ribbon

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

Christopher leaves early this Sunday to head to Turpin Meadow Ranch in Moran Wy. This is the ranch that we vacationed on last July. He applied and was hired! Today he purchased his second pair of boots and a lined carthartt vest. Yes, tonight they are calling for a wintery mix right there on the ranch. It is still cold out in beautiful Wy.
We are excited for Christopher love the courage he has to hop on a plane and head to a place where he knows no one. We know he will meet some wonderful new friends. I have clearly explained that he can not fall in love with Wy. :) It is our prayer that God will continue the good work that he has begun in his precious life. I know he has many wonderful blessings waiting for him.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cheers you should know

Many, many years ago, I read an article on encouraging your children and the power of positive words. At the end of the article was a list of cheers that could be said to your children to encourage them and build them up. I cut the cheers out and backed them with construction paper and taped them to the side of the refrigerator. I remember some days with all the activity and business of life, it was easy to forget to cheerleader. Having the list on the refrigerator was a visual reminder to cheer on! Even today, with three grown boys, it is a good thing to be their cheerleader and to speak positive words. Below is the list of the cheers. Maybe you would like to put these on your refrigerator as a reminder to use your words in a positive way. So how 'bout it..........can I hear a CHEER? :)

Good Job!

I'm glad you're my son/daughter

I like you!

That was really great!

I love the way you fixed your hair.

You played that song beautifully.

You are a great friend!

You'll make a wonderful wife/husband someday.

Thanks for cleaning your room.

You're so strong.

I trust you.

You are God's special gift to me.

You light up my day.

My favorite part of my day is picking you up from school.

I missed having you around today.

You're such a good helper.

I'm proud of you.

Way to go!

I knew you could do it!

God made a masterpiece when He made you.

You are such a treasure.

You are one of God's greatest gifts to me.

I'm behind you.

I'm praying for you!

That was so responsible.

You're a joy.

How did you get so smart?

That was so creative!

Hurray for you!

Thank you.