Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prayer and a yellow ribbon

My mom is very good friends with a group of ladies from First Baptist Church, in Darlington, SC. These ladies get together on a regular basis to pray for and with each other. I love that they do this because I know they have prayed for me and my family.

Momma's friend Tina, has a son who is currently serving all of us overseas in the Military. These ladies pray together for him and they have all placed a yellow ribbon at their home as a reminder of this young man. Months ago when mom moved to her new apartment at the Bethea Baptist Home, she took her ribbon and placed it on her front porch. Immediately she began being questioned by other residents on the meaning of the ribbon. Her next door neighbor said she had a relative serving and she needed a ribbon too. Several other ladies she has met in her new community also wanted to know the meaning behind the ribbon. Before momma knew it, someone had approached the administration of the Bethea Home and asked if a list of all friends and relatives could be placed on the bulletin board so all the service men and women could be prayed for by name.

One never knows the influence that you may have on others. Momma's yellow ribbon has caused many believers to come together to pray for our military. I think that is so cool. It would be great if you would take a minute to pray for them too. :)

Momma's yellow ribbon

The neighbor's ribbon

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