Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bigger Results

WELL! Spencer, along with us (Kynn and Lorie) had bigger and better results on our fishing. We had a great Memorial Day and the fish were biting. It was a lot of fun!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bobby's birthday


We celebrated Bobby Chandler's birthday with a cookout. We had yummy ribs and as usual, Kynn did a wonderful with the grilling. Bobby said he would rather have "dinner" than a shirt for his present from the Harris family. :)

Bobby and Marlene Chandler

Spencer, Bobby and Marlene

Jamie and Marlene

A beautiful sunset to end the party!

The duck family helped celebrate with us!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jamie and Friends

Fun with friends on Saturday afternoon. (May 3rd) Jamie had several friends come over for a cookout. Kynn was the cook and he grilled some mighty good hamburgers. We love having Jamie's friends come over. Believe me, when they are here, there is never a dull moment.

Jennifer and Megan working out!

The burgers are GREAT!

After supper, the gang wanted to play football and asked "Mr. Harris" to play with them. They even talked Christopher into playing with them. Jennifer and I decided we would be cheerleaders.

Daisy even played!

The Cheerleaders!

The Winning Team

McLean and Ben

On Feb. 7th, 2008, my sweet sister, Cynthia and her husband Earl became GRANDparents. I can remember one of the first things that Cynthia said to me after they were born. She said, "They are perfect!" She had an excitement that I had never seen in her before. I also remember, the next week when I was talking with Earl that he had a smile that just said, I am so proud of those babies!!! I guess that is why they are called GRANDchildren.

The above picture is the birth announcement picture of McLean and Ben Pierce. The proud parents are Gene and Anne Pierce.

Christopher's Home

Welcome Home Christopher.
It is hard to believe that Christopher's first year of college is behind him. We think he had a great year. He has made many new friends and learned a lot about life. I asked Christopher what he learned about life this year....

1. Relax, chill.
2. Cafeteria food and I do not get along. I actually lost weight this year.
3. Goodwill has many, many interesting items to purchase.
4. Dorm rooms without cell coverage is the "dark ages"!
5. Good friends are the ones who laugh at you in hard times and then you get to to laugh right back them.
6. Aerobics is not a sissy class. The teacher WORKED us OUT!!!
7. Flu in a dorm room, "That's about as bad as it gets!"
8. There's no place like home.

It has been good having our 2nd born back home. The first day after he got home he went out and began applying for summer jobs. He hopes to get two jobs this summer. The second day he was home he cut the grass without being asked. WOW. I think he has matured so much!!! I like this new child of mine. He asked immediately when we could go to the gym to workout. I thought, "Give me a break." I did not want to go to the gym, but how do you tell your child no to a request like that. We have been twice this past week. :) Another thing, he has even helped me in the kitchen. Amazing.

It's good having you home Christopher!