Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Activities

Wow! Time flies by so fast when you are having fun. Things we have done this summer. Kynn, Spencer, Jamie and I have taken a river trip. We found an awesome tree swing. All the guys took a turn. I was the lifeguard.
Jamie and Spencer
Jamie and Spencer about to jump!
Spencer "going for it!"
Kynn even JUMPED!!! and survived!!!

Kynn, Spencer, Christopher, and Jamie took a road trip to NY. They went to Philadelphia, then on to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and then to the Yankees game. They had a great time. While they were off doing the "guy" thing, I went to Darlington for my high school reunion. I had a blast seeing my friends who I have not seen in YEARS.

Kynn and I went to Darlington today to help my parents repair a leaking pipe. Kynn can fix anything. He is so smart.

My parents will come for the 4th of July and we will party at Bobby and Marlene's house. This is our annual party and we look forward to being with family and friends.

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