Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Bird in the Nest

Yes, I will admit that I have begun to have thoughts about how fast time is passing and that my nest will be empty pretty soon. Graduation is fast approaching for Jamie. As each letter and reminder arrives in the mail, I tell myself, it is much to soon to get sappy over an empty nest. Kynn assures me that the "fun has just begun." We'll be just like newlyweds.....BROKE!" (We'll have three in college) So, we are enjoying our days with Jamie while we have them.


Beckie said...

Have so much fun with Jamie this last semester. Then as Kynn says, The will have just begun!!

maria said...

I know all to soon I will be in the same boat...we are Moms this is what we them, raise them, and then they grow up, so what do we do then? We pray, trust God and know that he has his hand on them (and us too:)
You and Your Husband are GREAT parents and your boys reflect that, I know God has great things instore for you and your family.