Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Christopher's walking cane

Many years ago, when Kynn was 10 years old, he found a really neat stick out in the woods behind his house. As he looked at the stick, he thought that he could crave a really neat walking cane for his dad. And that is what he did and for years, Mr. Harris used the cane that Kynn made for him.
Each summer, when our boys were little, they would go to Camp Grandmomma and Granddaddy. They would spend 3 weeks in Spanish Fort, Al. with Kynn's parents. It was such a great time for everyone. Kynn's parents got to have them all to themselves for an extended time. Our boys were able to do whatever they wanted to for three weeks, (and I mean, do whatever they wanted too. Like McDonalds every day, Wal-Mart trips, just about every day and all the cokes that they wanted. It was heaven on earth for them.) It was also a great break from parenting for us. Everyone was happy!
The summer when Christopher was seven years old, the boys and Mr. and Mrs. Harris went for a hike in the woods. When they got to the creek, the boys put their feet in the water. Poor Christopher found a very sharp piece of glass. His foot was cut very badly. When they got back to the house, his sweet Grandfather cut his walking cane, which Kynn had made him, to the perfect length for Christopher to use. As we left to come home, Granddaddy handed us the cane to bring home with us.
All these years, we have hung on to this special cane. For Christopher's 21st birthday, we officially gave him the family walking cane. We also gave him another cane for his birthday. Perhaps through the years, we'll find some really neat walking canes to add to his collection.

This is the cane that Kynn gave his father.

His birthday cane.


Jessica said...

What a sweet story! Hope y'all are all well!

maria said...

Loved the post!! And what a great story that Christopher will be able to pass on to his children someday..Hope all is well with you and your family. Love ya lots!


p.s. Next time your on facebook email me your mailing address I have something I need to send you.