Sunday, May 9, 2010

A phone call

Mother's Day

Ring, Ring

Me: Hello

Christopher: Hey Mom. Happy Mother's day.

Me: Hey! How are you?

Christopher: Oh, just a little aggravated that I could not get the key to my new dorm room. I have to wait until tonight. (He's going to summer school)

Me: I'm sorry Honey. When does your class start?

Christopher: Tomorrow.

Me: When do you think you will be able to come home?

Christopher: Oh, I don't know. It may be in about seconds!

Me: (Run to the window and see his car)......scream and run to the back door. some more.

Happy Mother's Day!

And.....Spencer came over too. I spent the afternoon with all my men. We all hit softballs in the front yard.....just like old times. It was fun. :) Boys, gotta love 'um.

1 comment:

maria said...

I actually clapped and cheered out loud at the "run to the window" part..yes...we are so very blessed.

Hope you had a great Mothers Day!

Love ya!