Friday, July 29, 2011

I LOVE a Surprise!

We have been shopping for a new car for Jamie over the past couple of weeks. His "ride" for the past 4 years has been the old red truck. This truck has been through Kynn, Spencer, and then Jamie so it has a lot of miles under it's wheels. Jamie is transferring to NGU this fall, (he leaves in about 2 weeks :( ) and we knew that it would not be safe for the truck to be on the interstate, thus a new vehicle for Jamie. He knew we were looking, but did not know any of the details. John Wise, (LOVE CHEVROLET) , agreed to help us look for a car.

The phone call came and John told me he had a car he thought we might be interested in test driving. Kynn and I went and picked up the Saturn Ion and drove it home. We had pretty much decided this was the car. We parked the car at our neighbors house and when Jamie went to take his shower, I brought it back to our yard. I wrapped the key and we gave him the gift.

I think he had an idea what might be in the box! When I handed him the box he said, "What is it?" I said, "Open it!" At that time he started grinning. :)

(I am sorry about all this space between the pictures. I don't know how to correct it) Would love someone to tutor me on this!

This was the smile right before he walked outside to see his new car.

His comment on first seeing the car..............NICE.

The very FIRST thing he did when he sat in the car was to check out the radio. It passed the test!

He likes it!! Sun in my eyes kinda picture!

Jamie took us on a test drive around the neighborhood and then we headed to Aunt Cynthia's house to show her. She liked it too. :)

On Thurs. we returned the car to John, at Love Chevrolet, and today we actually went and purchased the car. Jamie went with us to sign the papers and all. John congratulated Jamie on his nice new car.

It was such a blessing to have John help us. He is extremely knowledgeable about cars, after all it's his business. He went the extra mile in service and kindness to us. All his staff at Love are so kind and helpful. John took the time to talk with Jamie and tell him about every feature on his car. All three of us actually learned a lot about cars today.

This picture was taken right before he took off in his new car. I am sure he will travel many miles in this car. We are so thankful to John and to God for allowing us to purchase this for Jamie. He has blessed us.

Jamie, I pray that you will drive carefully and be protected as you travel the highways. May you continued to be blessed by our Lord and Savior.

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Beckie said...

I love surprises, too! Tell Jamie to ride on down and show it off to me and then to Grandmama!