Saturday, February 11, 2012

I want to blog!

Just stopping by to say hello. I have a lot to blog about but time has not allowed me to stop and write. On Jan. 17th, I began a new job and I have been B U S Y! I am working for Family Service Center with the Midlands Eye Care Clinic. This is a new clinic for the residents of Richland and Fairfield Counties. This clinic is a result of the Medical Mission Fair that took place last summer. There were many people who were not able to be seen during the mission so Palmetto Health, United Way, SCOPA and Family Service Center partnered together to form an Eye Care Clinic.  As this clinic began, I walked into a space that did not have even one paper clip. A lot has been accomplished in four weeks, and we had the first clinic on Feb. 7th. Much more needs to be done to get everything up and running. Please pray for me as I continue this new adventure. I know many of you have been lifting me up to God and I appreciate you so much. Please don't stop.  I will update more later.

PS.  Sweet Marlene volunteered for the first clinic. She is indeed, THE BEST. I love her dearly.

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maria said...

God is so good! I too am slacking in the blogging...think and pray for your family often and have been so blessed to read that God hears our prayers!! (((HUGS))) from Kentucky!