Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's Jamie's Birthday month! He is a Halloween baby. When he was a baby, I called him my little spook! Our family always lets the birthday person pick where they would like to go out to eat. Since Christopher was home last weekend for Fall Break, Jamie suggested that we go celebrate since Christopher was home. We all thought it was a wonderful idea. Jamie chose Applebee's. I guess everyone knows that all a mother wants is some good pictures to capture the magical life moments. Is that to much to ask of your children?

Oh YES! It was Christopher that could not contain himself. Look at Jamie's goofy smile.

I thought I would beat him half to death! :)

So, these men were grinning all over themselves. They thought it was so funny.

Christopher is still tickled with himself.

If you can't beat them, well, just join them!

Christopher is STILLED tickled.
Marlene is tickled too. She had just told us a joke about a studdering cat.The Guys.
Our Family. Happy early Birthday Jamie.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family. Christopher should be a model.


Anonymous said...

Why thank you Aunt Beckie.