Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Phone Call

Ring, Ring: Hello

Ginger: (my next door neighbor) LORIE, the big bird is back.
Lorie: WHERE
Ginger: In my front yard heading into yours. Come outside quick and leave Daisy inside.
Lorie: OK! BYE!!!

So, out the front door Jamie, Alex, and I ran to find the BIG bird coming into our yard. We scared it, so it headed back to Ginger's yard. Slowly, we opened the back gate to our yard hoping to "capture" it. About that time, Kynn pulls in the driveway.

Lorie: KYNN HURRY!!! The big bird is back.
Lorie: In Ginger's yard and we want to guide it into our backyard. Stand right there so he can't get by you.

We all positioned ourselves around this big bird and guided him into the backyard!
GOT HIM!!! Gate closed!

Kynn: I'll call animal control.
Lorie: OK
Ginger: I'm going to get my camera!
Daisy: Barking on the inside of the house!!!

Here is the story. There was a blue heron walking around our neighborhood for several days. He had broken his wing and could not fly or find his way back to his mother. (Do you remember the Dr. Seuss book, Are you my Mother?") Animal control came and transported him to Riverbanks Zoo so he could get the medical attention he needed. It was a successful adventure, right here at home!!!


Joe, Ash and Hank said...

Way to go!

Joel and Kitty said...

Oh my word!!! I cannot believe how big that thing was :) Wow...wish I were there to see that serious excitement!!