Friday, November 7, 2008

Returning from the Mountains Activity #1

We arrived home from the mountains on Oct. 31st which is JAMIE'S BIRTHDAY.
OCTOBER 31, 1991
9lbs. 11oz.
3:06 PM
Time to open presents.A Harris family birthday tradition. We fill our "birthday basket" with the honored birthday person's favorite junk food.

Ah Yes!!! Loving on my 17 year old! Like it or not! :) (For Alex's mother: check out the picture on the table. Alex brought the picture out to the kitchen to show to my parents.) :)
Here he is, Mr. 17 year old, James Patterson Harris, AKA Jamie, in his new under armour USC coat and sweat pants. We are so proud of Jamie. He is truly growing into a fine young man. May God bless him richly in the years to come.

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