Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Week in the Mountains

AHHH!!! Kynn and I were invited by our DEAR friends, Anne and J Rhine, to the mountains of NC for the week of Oct. 27-31. We were so excited and truly needed the break for rest and relaxation. And rest and relax we did. We spent our week in Little Switzerland, NC and God had a big surprise for us on our very first night.
You Guessed it!!! It snowed!!! We could not believe it. (The above picture was taken Monday night with just a little snow on the deck.)
Our first snowman for the season. We are hoping for a lot of snow this winter.

It's LOVE!

His mercies are new every morning! Wow! What a sunrise.

The view from our deck!

What a creative God we have. The leaves were beautiful. It was a feast for our eyes.

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Kitty said...

LOOK AT YA'LL!!! I am so happy you had such a lovely get away. Simply amazing. And what a great b-day celebration! I love blogs. I love that we can peek in on each other's lives. Would you want to do lunch sometime before the Christmas season gets underway? xoxo