Monday, April 27, 2009

Arnold and Lucy

Each spring, Marlene and Bobby, have the privilege of sharing their yard with feathery friends named Arnold and Lucy. Usually, sometime during March, Lucy and Arnold begin building their nest and settle in for a few months. Marlene hates to have goose poop in her yard so she complains and groans over the return of her friends. However, as soon as the babies arrive, she is thrilled to watch the new life as they play in her yard. We love the whole experience. When anyone gets near the nest, Lucy ruffles her feathers BIG TIME. Arnold is very protective too. However, on the day prior to the eggs hatching out, Arnold disappeared. This has made all of us sad as we watch Lucy look and call (honk) out for him. If anyone knows where he is, please send him home to his wife and 5 babies.
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Lucy

Christopher harassing the geese. They will bite you. Just ask him. LOL

I mean business! Leave us alone!!!

When Lucy would leave the nest, she would cover the eggs. She would pull her feathers and then use them to hide her eggs.

Jamie and Nic with Lucy on prom night.

Lucy protecting her babies. They are hiding in the plants. If you look closely you can see pieces of their cracked eggs.

Two of the five precious babies.

(Update: Lucy and the babies were missing for a day. She returned today with 4 babies and a new man. A white goose! He is the new stepdad. We do wonder what happened to baby # 5. It is amazing to watch nature. We'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! Marlene told us about her pet geese on Wednesday night at Bible Study. I was so super excited to see your post with pics of the babies. They are too sweet! Thanks for sharing...& keep us posted on the new man she has, Marlene will have to give him a name too!

How fun!