Monday, April 13, 2009

Scuba #4

Scuba adventure #4 was a trip to Florida. The purpose of this fun trip was for Jamie and Kynn to dive for their final certification. There whole scuba class traveled down to dive for the final tests. The weekend included 4 different dives. Spencer and Christopher were invited to go along. They enjoyed the dives too.

Heading out to dive.
Scuba Spencer

And, Christopher
This is so cool. I just might take the class myself. Anyone want to join me. It is always more fun with a friend.
Diving with the manatees.

A few tired divers.


Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up?


The word verification this time is
nablart. I think I like that word.

ARH said...

Lori, You should definately get your certificate! It is so neat to see the underwater creation the Father has made! I have mine and really want Allen to get his. It is awesome!