Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome home from Daisy

Daisy really gets depressed when we leave her for an extended period of time. We have a precious neighbor who came several times a day to attend to Daisy's and Floyd's needs while we were on vacation. My sweet sister, Cynthia, came one day to spend some time with Daisy so she would not be so lonely. Daisy would not even come out and play with Cynthia. She was pouting. One of Daisy favorite things to do while we are away is to get up on our DINING ROOM TABLE!!! Well, we have learned to move all the chairs away from the table to prevent her from jumping up. Don't know just how she did it, but the chair was moved and the white table cloth showed signs that"Queen Daisy" had been on the table. She gives us a very hoarse bark when we get back so we will know just how lonely she has been. We love our welcome home from our Daisy girl. :)

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maria said...

Our Dog Pete is the same way, when we go and leave him home...he's an outside dog but he chews on things when we're gone...guess it's they're little way of saying "Should'a took me too." Love your video's! Have a blessed day! BTW thanks for the comment on my blog!

Maria Jeffries