Sunday, September 6, 2009

Christopher's home for Labor Day

Christopher came home today, Sept. 6th. It is so good having him home. He and Jamie have talked constantly since he walked into the house. :) All of us, minus Spencer, went to Florence today to visit with my dad. He is currently in the hospital and we are praying that tomorrow will be the day he gets discharged. There is no place like home, especially when you're not feeling well. Please pray for him that his strength will return quickly. My mom is the best nurse in the whole world. She will take good care of him. :)

Christopher reports that Floyd is doing very well. He is the alpha duck and is in charge of all the white ducks at the pond in Anderson. Way to go Floyd. Great transition into the REAL world.

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maria said...

So glad to hear that Christopher is home for a visit, sounds like his brother has missed him. Praying for your Dad that he will get to come home soon. Hope you all have a great day!