Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kynn

YESTERDAY was Kynn's birthday. He was out of town for work and arrived home late last night. Jamie and I did have presents and a cake waiting on him. We sang and he blew out candles. We decided that 10:30 PM was too late to eat chocolate cake. We DID want to sleep. Thursday night we will celebrate with a birthday dinner. Pictures to follow.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband, father, and friend.

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Janine L. Messick said...

Happy birthday to Kynn! I have been wanting to write to you to see how you are doing? How is your Mom doing? Did you by chance get some e-mails from some old buddies your ours? I just love your family website. Keep up the great fun times in your life. I know that are preious to you and it helps the rest of us see that we need to value our family time also. Love ya, Janine