Sunday, November 8, 2009

Guess who it is????

Kynn and I have had a wonderful week. We were invited to the mountains by our dear friends, Anne and J Rhine. We stayed in their their beautiful time share home in Little Switzerland, NC. Momma came and went with us and my siblings along with their spouses joined us for the weekend. Jamie went to Anderson and stayed on campus with Christopher for the weekend. On our way home, we went by Anderson to visit with Christopher and to see FLOYD. Yes, it is Floyd. If you look very carefully you can see his ankle tag. He appears to love his new home. How exciting to watch him. I will be posting other pictures from our weekend as time allows.


maria said...

It's always good to see Floyd! Looks like he has made lots of friends. Glad you had a good trip, nothing like spending time with family. Blessings.


Beckie said...

I had a wonderful weekend with everyone. Glad you posted the video - You know Floyd was showing off for you!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww its Floyd! I love that little guy! He's getting so big, & it is so sweet to see Christopher love on him. :) You've done a great job with all your boys; they have such tender hearts!