Monday, August 9, 2010

The Flying Begins

This past Sunday we set out with a big truck and headed to Anderson University to move Christopher into his new house. He and 3 friends will be living in this house. This is one of several "ministry" houses on the AU campus. To live in a ministry house, an application must be submitted with hopes that you will be chosen. If you live in one of the ministry houses you must host a Bible Study, and have a specific ministry that you will be involved with throughout the year. Christopher and his roommates will have a ministry for transfer students. They are so excited to have a house instead of a dorm room this year.

Kynn's statement of the day, "Isn't there a pillow in that truck you want me to carry?" The answer was always 'NO"! :)

It was a rather HOT day.

One of the bedrooms

Dining room off the kitchen


Daisy helped with the move. She thought it was HOT too.

And now, there is only ONE bird left in the nest. You can just see in his eye that he is ready to fly too.

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