Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little Birds

There are two birds in the nest right now, but only for a VERY short time. Both have plans of leaving home very soon. Little bird, Christopher, will leave tomorrow and fly to Anderson to begin his senior year. Little bird, Jamie, will leave Sat. and fly to USC to begin his freshman year.

And, little bird Spencer, has never actually moved back to the nest since the day he flew to USC in the fall of 2006. He will begin his last semester at USC in the fall.

Mom and Dad bird don't really know how they feel about all the activity. They are so excited for their birds. What an exciting time of life. However, they are fully award that a major life season has come to a close. All of us are excited to see what lies ahead.

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B P said...

Thanks alot for making me cry Momma Bird!!! What a season!