Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Spencer

Spencer Lee Harris
September 16, 1987
8lbs. 11 oz.
6:40 pm

Our first visitors



Aunt Cynthia, Gene and Patty

Aunt Melanie and Esther

We are home from the hospital.

Thanksgiving in Alabama. Joe and Spencer

Sweet Baby Spencer
Happy Birthday Spencer. I pray this will be a wonderful year for you. I love you.


Scott and Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to Spencer! I love your facial expressions in the hospital pictures...there are no words to discribe the way you feel there...only a mother who has been in that very spot can understand. :) Whew, made me relieve childbirth just looking at it! LOL Hope you are doing great!

maria said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! What a sweet post...I love the pictures! Hope you have a blessed day!