Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#2 My Bible

More from the covers of my Bible

Do you believe God only when your circumstances are favorable, or do you believe no matter what your circumstances may be? (Streams in the Desert)

Truth is troubling (to the lost) because it will not go away.

For God is greater than our hearts! (I John 3:20) (Thank you Lord!)

Todays successful people make right decisions today and manage them the rest of their lives. Kirk Nowery

When you realize your sins hurt God, it is easy to repent. Adrian Dupre

Unforgiveness is like taking a dose of poison and waiting for it to kill you. A.W. Tozer

There's good stuff in the hard stuff, if you don't sleep walk through it. P. Shirer

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zanck said...

The seven heavens and the earth glorify Him. (17:44)