Saturday, January 15, 2011

A post from Kynn

I was thinking about the circumstances of Jeremiah 29:11 the other morning in my quiet time at the dining room table and they gave me such quiet conviction for this difficult economic period that I thought I would share this.

What thoughts would have been going through my mind if Jeremiah had personally spoke Chapter 29 to me while I was a slave living in circumstances that I didn’t like and didn’t see any improvement in the foreseeable future? Probably something like...

“Are my hopes and dreams dashed for good? How can I keep a “positive attitude” when these feelings of bewilderment, anger and despair keep knocking me off balance like waves in the surf zone.”

“Now, Jeremiah just told me that:
(1) this will last for a while [70 years], so I should
(2) settle in and live [buy houses, plant gardens, marry] with the assurance that
(3) God’s plan for my deliverance and the deliverance of my family is underway.”

“Live as normal a life as possible while I wait for God’s deliverance? Try to bloom where I’m planted? I would rather be transplanted!”

Father God, if Jeremiah 29 applies to me and my family in these uncertain times, help me to live out the perspective of my heroes in Daniel 3. The perspective that “There is no need to waste emotional talk on this. My God whom I serve is able to deliver me from Circumstance, but even if He does not, know this Mr. Circumstance...I will not kneel before you because My God is bigger than your circumstance and He is working His plan for my good welfare even now!

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Beckie said...

I am leading the Women's Sunday School class in an in-depth study of Jeremiah right now. Just started last week. Can't wait to share this with all of them.