Saturday, January 1, 2011

Graduation Day

On Dec. 13th, 2010, our son, Spencer graduated from USC with a Business degree. We are so proud of him. It really is hard to believe that he has completed his time in college and is now moving on to the next phase of life. He is very busy looking for a job. Spencer is such a hard worker and he has a double major in insurance and finance. If you know of any job opportunities or have a contact or two for him, please let us know. We know that God has a special plan for him and we can't wait to see how that plan unfolds for him.

(I have more pictures, but for some reason they are not on my computer. SIGH! Wonder where they went. I will need to download them again.)

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Amy said...

Wow! congratulations! You must be so proud ... I love this time with my son in High School, but know it must be exciting as they launch out and begin to be the men that God's called them to be! Blessings! Amy