Sunday, September 11, 2011


James Manville Patterson
June 10, 1026 - September 12, 2009

Daddy enjoyed cross stitching and made many beautiful pieces. He began cross stitching while he recovered from open heart surgery. It was his therapy. He was very good at it.

We miss his love of having fun. This was a shark's tooth that he found when we were at the beach. He taped it to his face and pretended that he had a nose piecing.

We especially miss him on his special days....Father's day, his birthday.

There is just something about not having your father here on earth with you.

For those of you have lost a parent, you know just what I am feeling today. It seems like it was yesterday that he died, but it also seems like a lifetime since I have talked to him. I am so thankful for our memories. I am thankful for the laughs my family can share when we talk about him. And, I can promise you one thing. If he was visiting me in my home today, there would be a new penny hidden in a very special place. That makes me smile.


Beckie said...

I've been missing him terribly and even dreamed me, you, Cynthia, and Jimmy were trying really hard to get him out of an attic last night. Wonder if the attic represented heaven!! Sure wish we could hug him one more time before we see him again in the great big attic up above!

Beckie said...

Hey Sista, thanks for the great big smile you gave me and Jeb this morning. Actually you made us laugh because Jeb told me, "You know your dad would have been 40 during the Norman Conquest. He could have been involved"! Look at his birth year if this isn't making any sense.