Saturday, September 24, 2011


Perhaps my biggest blessing in August was meeting precious Gabriella. I was given the wonderful invitation of being present in the delivery room when she arrived. Seeing the arrival of this precious baby girl, is a gift I will treasure for a lifetime. God's miracle of birth is truly amazing. He is good!!!

Her sweet parents were in our newlywed class several years ago and we are still very good friends with them. Kristi and I have begun hanging out several times a month and always have such a good time. One thing for sure, that girl can make me laugh. :)

Waiting on Gabby

She is here!

Daddy holding his baby girl for the first time.

Yes, those are the proud grandparents!

This past week, Gabby began having a little trouble with her stomach. You know, the baby gas thing. She was not sleeping well at night and sleep was hard to come by for her mom and dad. Kynn and I invited them to come spend the night with us this past Friday night. It was our hope that they could get some sleep and be refreshed for the weekend. They said, "OK!"

We had a great visit with them and baby Gabby slept in the room with us. When she woke for her middle of the night feeding, I took her to her sweet mom. After her feeding, back to our room for a good burp and another several hours of sleep. As you would predict, she was an angel baby. She did not fuss. Ah, babies. Who can understand them?

What do you mean? This baby does not cry!

Mac came with them too. Daisy was fine with Mac, until Kynn started playing ball with him. Daisy did not like that at all.

It was a sweet spend the night party. We hope to do it again soon.

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