Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mission Update

Jamie and the team have arrived in Nicaragua. See the below email update. We are so excited for all of them and can not wait to hear how God works. :)

HELLO ALL! I wanted to let you all know very quickly that we are here! Our flight ran a little late so we got in a little later than we though last night but we pulled into the Mission Home & its like a tropical paradise in the middle of the country! Its absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Things went GREAT with the flights we had no problem in the airport at ll the Lord was really with us as we were traveling! Since it is Saturday we are going ahead and doing our rest & relaxtion day today. We are now on the way to the market, then to Catalina which is a volcano that shows a beautiful view of managua. We are eating there on top of the mountain and then hopefully if the rain holds off, going on a boat ride on Lake Managua! What are fun day we have ahead!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Salinas Grande for church there. That is a barrio that people have been going to for years now and they have established a church there. We will be doing a feeding there and spending the day with the people there. MOnday I think we will be going to Paradise which is a newer barrio. It is very porr place and not many teams have been there yet so that should be a great time of ministry as well!

So far all the students are doing GREAT! We all slept well last night, no sicknesses, they were all up early in the kitchen helpinbg the cook it was great to see them so willing to serve! & Tomorrow also we get to have a Nicaraguan birthday celebration for one of our students who is having a birthday!

Please continue to pray for no sicknesses, for opportunities to share the gospel and for strength throughout the week! I am not sure if we will make it back to the internet cafe to email again but I will do my best!

We all love you and thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! Dont forget the room that is open for prayer and to write the students back at the church!

Adios Amigos!

Cassie Burnette
Shandon Baptist Church
Interim Student Ministry Associate

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