Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jamie's Great Day

Every once in a while, a really GREAT day comes along. Jamie had his great day today, Dec. 12th. His high school wrestling team participated in the Cardinal Newman winter wrestling tournament. His team placed 7th in the tournament and Jamie won the GOLD in his weight division. We were/are so excited for him.

Talking with Kynn after his win.

Celebrating with coaches, teammates and a brother.

Lindsey Lylerly, a former AC Flora wrestling coach.

Jamie receiving his gold metal.

Here he is with a fat lip! :) It looks so funny to me.

Now, that's a better smile. I told him to open his eyes for the picture. Boy, did he ever!!! :)

Here's a nice picture. Congratulations Jamie. We are happy for you.
And then, ........ After the tournament, Kynn and I headed straight to our Sunday School Christmas party. When we came home I stopped by the mailbox to get our mail. Today was the day that the big white envelope was in the mailbox. -
I was hoping that when the envelope arrived that I would find it in the mailbox, not Jamie. And I did. :) In anticipation of the envelope, I had bought 5 new South Carolina T-shirts in hopes that it would be a South Carolina celebration! We called Spencer and asked him to come home. We were a little sneaky and put on our new SC shirts. We all walked out in the den with our new shirts. And then, we handed Jamie the envelope.

The funniest part of the whole evening is that Jamie was wearing a Clemson t-shirt. I honestly don't know where that shirt came from because there is no orange in this household. :) When Jamie saw all 4 of us in our SC shirts, he said "what is this?" Spencer replied, "You better go burn that Clemson shirt! " We gave him HIS SC shirt and the envelope.

YES, was a "SWEET" word in our house tonight.

This picture was taken at Fun Day Sunday at our church this past spring.

Every once in a while, you have a GREAT day.


Beckie said...

Can't say enough about how excited I am for MY GOLD MEDAL nephew!!!
Now Spender shouldn't tell him to burn that orange yet. He's just starting his college career. Clemson is probably going to be his choice for Grad school and beyond!!

Beckie said...

Oops!! Misspelled SpenCer's name.

Allyson said...

What an AWESOME happy for Jamie--please tell him congrats!

Cynthia said...

Uncle Earl and I are proud of you and wish you the best.