Monday, February 22, 2010

Cute Babies

Today, I was doing some MAJOR cleaning in Christopher's bedroom. The time has come to get some of this STUFF out of our house. (Christopher, if you are reading this....don't panic! I did not throw away any of your treasures.) Speaking of treasures, I did come across a box of treasures. When Kynn's parents moved in with us several years ago, I must have put this box under the bed and we had totally forgotten about it. This is one of those boxes that when you open it, the cleaning stops. I just sat right down in the floor and went through every piece of paper. I found letters that Kynn's dad had written to his mom while he was fighting in WWII. (His mom had three of her sons away at war at the same time. TALK ABOUT STRESS!!! Praise the Lord, all of them returned home safely.) There were pictures of his fellow soldiers, and pictures of old airplanes and pictures of the land. I also found baby pictures and pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Harris when they first fell in love. Below is a picture of one of the Christmas cards that they sent out to family and friends. Yes, Kynn is the baby. Precious is all I can say.

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maria said...

Love those set in the floor moments..and that picture is too cute!