Friday, September 5, 2008

Alexandre AKS Alex

I believe that Alexandre will be called Alex. We have told him we will call him either name. :)
He had a good night and enjoyed meeting some of Jamie's friends. Today, he went to school with Marion Crane, and I joined them to get him registered in school. We toured the school and he knows where his classrooms are located. On the way home from school, we stopped by my sister's house, Cynthia, so he could meet his host aunt. :) He'll have more family than he'll want by the time this is all over with. We will shop this weekend for a phone card, so he can stay in touch with his momma. I tell him that is VERY important. :) Also, he will buy some shorts for his weight training class at school. He will return to Brazil with some BIG muscles.

Alex has had a good day. He smiles a lot and continues to ask very intelligent questions. We are glad that he is here. It is raining a little today, as a result of Hurricane Hanna. We plan to be outside tomorrow to meet the neighbors.

We are sure we have many fun times ahead of us with Alex.

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Christopher said...

Sounds like a good guy to me. I can't wait to meet him on the 13th.