Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thankful for my mother

Today while at work, I transported a student to the dental clinic. This is how our conversation went on our ride.

Child: Are they going to give me a shot today?

Me: I don't know. I not sure what work you need done.

Child: Well, if they do, I am NOT going to let them.

Me: Didn't you get a shot last time?

Child: Yes.

Me: Well, I want you to ponder on this while we ride. Last time you got a shot and you did well. If you have to get one today, it will hurt, but you will be able to handle it. You did before, you can do it again. You have an inner strength that will help you get through it. Do you believe in God?

Child: Don't talk to me about God. My momma told me not to talk to anyone about God.

Me: So I guess you don't go to church.

Child: NO.

Well, THAT conversation ended. I knew I needed to respect this child and leave this one alone. He had a comic book and began looking at it. I turned the radio up a little bit, (WMHK) and began another conversation silently with the Lord. I talked to the Lord about his precious soul and the soul of his mother.

This whole situation is so foreign to me because my mother loves the Lord and took me to church all my life. I am so thankful that my mom has taught and encouraged me to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She is such a prayer warrior and I appreciate the fact that she takes my whole family before the throne of God each and every day.

Momma, I am so thankful for you and the example you have given me.

Her children rise up and call her blessed. Proverbs 31:28


Anonymous said...

We are the luckiest children in the world! I thank God every day for her.


Cynthia said...

Amen and amen!

I'm thankful for mom too.