Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Grandmomma

Today we are remembering Grandmomma's birthday. (Kynn's mom) This is her first birthday in the presence of her Lord, Jesus Christ. I wonder just how birthdays are celebrated in heaven.

Mrs. Harris had many names. She was known as Sarah to her family and friends, Sweetheart to her husband, momma to her sons, and most affectionately Grandmomma to her grandsons. Ahh yes, life stopped at the Harris household when Grandmomma was around. She was the type that got in the floor and played ball or cars, walked barefooted outside and took little boys to Wal-Mart ANYTIME they wanted to go. McDonalds made a fortune off her. Pizza Hut did well too.

What awesome memories we have of this precious lady. Heaven has a treasure. We miss you!

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Anonymous said...

So glad the memories are so so sweet. What a precious lady she was.