Monday, January 19, 2009

The Adventure Begins

So this is how it has all come together............

Spring semester of '08, Christopher chose to take Scuba diving for one of his elective courses at Anderson. Kynn really enjoyed talking with Christopher during his class adventures/dives because way back when, Kynn was certified in Scuba diving. As we talked with Spencer about his fall schedule, he told us that he was taking Scuba too. We thought that was a good idea because Christopher would need someone to dive with him. We are so proud to tell you both of our guys are now certified. :)
As the holidays approached, Kynn and I were wondering just what we should give Jamie for Christmas. Kynn had the brilliant idea of Scuba lessons and I thought that was a great idea, because Christopher and Spencer would need someone to dive with them too.
Thats when it happened! Kynn told me how important it is to have an even number of divers when you go down. Well of course, I am in total agreement if it is about safety. LOL So, Jamie's surprise Christmas gift was Scuba lessons. (I love to give "surprise" gifts.) Kynn is joining in on the classes to learn all the new stuff he might need to know. Classes begin tonight. Jamie is so excited.

Last summer, the four guys went on their first annual "guys" trip. Their first adventure was to NY. Plans are underway for the second annual trip. Yes, you guessed it. A trip that will include scuba diving. I'm sure we will have more posts on the scuba adventures.

The assignment for the first class was to read the WHOLE book and answer all the questions in the back.

Jamie studing and actually talking to Kynn about the details of the class tonight. First class tonight, 6:00-9:00PM.

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