Friday, January 2, 2009

It's still my birthday

My Guys asked me before my birthday what I wanted them to give me this year. I asked that they have their picture taken for me. They were happy to give me my wish. Today was picture day. Here are a few samples of the pictures. We have A LOT of pictures. We got the package deal. :)



Joe, Ash and Hank said...

so sweet! I do love those blue polo shirts- I already bought Grayson one on sale the other day...It's 2T, but they are just so handsome!

Anonymous said...

I love your family and the pictures are wonderful. But where's Cat Stevens? (you know, the old guy...)
Lorie, did I miss your b'day? Thank you for NOT missing a most important occasion in my life this past year, but as you know, it was NOT a birthday. Your presence was cherished. Tomorrow my eldest son is 25. God has a way of seeing them through. Amen? Love to all, and I still make marshmellow/p-nut butter sandwiches, Jamie! Meg