Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scuba 2 and 3

Kynn and Jamie spent Sat. and Sunday afternoons in scuba class. They both passed the written exam and the water test. They had to swim 200 yards and tread water for 10 minutes. (I hear it seemed more like 30 minutes) Each afternoon included time underwater in the Columbia College swimming pool. They will take their open water certification dive in Crystal River, Florida. All four guys are planning a dive early summer. Sounds like fun. I'm going to plan a trip somewhere too. Any suggestions? Anyone want to join me?


Joe, Ash and Hank said...

How about Washington DC? :)

Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

Washington DC would be fun. I could come hold the new baby and you and Joe could go out on the town.

The 4 Pierces said...

You should go to Charleston to visit Patty! I could always go too if you needed the company!