Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Dad

I am totally amazed with my dad. Over the past several months, he has experienced some very painful health issues which caused him to become physically weak. During this time, he had weeks that he was basically home bound. This was extremely hard on him because he is such a people person.
Back in 1989, he had emergency open heart surgery and then 10 or so years later, he needed to have the surgery again. In all of his times of health issues, he has never given up. He is determined to LIVE life and keep on going. This week he has returned to cardiac rehab. and is exercising once again. It may be at a slower rate, (I think he is doing about 30 minutes which does not seem slow to ME) but he is going for it and momma says he is stronger.
During his recovery time of open heart surgery, Daddy began cross-stitching to help pass the time. He has never put it down. He makes beautiful pieces and usually gives them away to his friends. I am so glad his pain has lessened and I am really proud of his determination. Way to go, Daddy!

The picture on the wall behind the lamp is a cross stitch piece of the names of God. It is beautiful. And, that's my mom, Maxine Patterson.

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maria said...

That was a very heartfelt post..I'm a huge Daddy's girl and if I had my guess I would say you are too..I think it is awsome that he is doing cross-stitching! Praying that he grows stronger each day! Blessings.