Monday, August 24, 2009


Each Sunday morning, Kynn and I have the privilege of teaching the newlywed Sunday School Class at our church. We love serving these young couples and have a blast hanging out with them.
Over the next few Sundays we will be teaching on Marriage Expectations. This Sunday we will talk about Holiday Expectations. Do you remember your first "holidays" as a married couple? What advice would you give to a newlywed couple as they approach their first holiday season?

We would love your input. :) Please and Thank you.


Joe, Ash, Grayson and Hank said...

Don't try to do it all! It seems like a good idea to see both families for one holiday by running around for different meals, etc. It ends up being So stressful and not relaxing at ALL. Instead, if you really feel like you have to see both families over the holiday season pick one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas- and stay put at that one place. Then switch next year. OR you can always do like we did last year and just say NO period (stay home by yourselves)...or make them come to you...or go on a vacation instead over the holidays. Those last 3 options have proved WONDERFUL for Team Dickerson.

Rachel said...

Leave during Christmas like we did and take a trip to Cancun, read the bible story on the beach and enjoy the time together =) WON'T regret it!

Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

I like the above comments. The suggestion about the vacation and especially going to cancun. I think Kynn and I will try that this year. Thanks for these suggestions ladies. :)